New IRC Client.

I found, from one of those Mac freelancer pages, a new IRC client. OMG is it nice. If you have a Mac or iPhone and want IRC to be…useable. Check out Colloquy.

  • Tabbed interface
  • AppleScript
  • Plugins
  • File transfers
  • Mobile
  • FREE!!!

WTF is with "developers" using Windows to write code? *updated*

Seriously, WTF? Demo? Check out this moron.

I read the #django-users’ list and it seems that, almost daily, there is someone that has a problem installing django on Vista or XP. Who would host a server running Vista or XP? I hope, NO ONE. What kind of moron would trust Microsoft with his/her data? Also, seriously, who runs server farm hosting businesses on Windows? I know people do, but, self flagellation would be a little less painful, really.
I read the mod_wsgi users’ list and it seems that, almost daily, someone has a problem installing mod_wsgi on Windows. (I have had my fair share of mod_wsgi problems (see below)) but a local Apache server on Windows, c’mon people.
Most of the screencasts I have seen about anything django or Python related has been done on Windows as well. Save us FSM (flying spaghetti monster).
I guess I have to applaud their efforts, these lost intellects, I got off the Windows juice many years ago. I have been consistently Windows free for the better part of 6 years. What should they use? Unix, almost any flavor. I was never much for the distros that had BSD in the name, my hardware was too advanced to install it (god I miss those days). Nowadays, I run OS X on my MBP and OpenSolaris on my in home staging server. Both Unix, both very powerful and all that. Both > Windows.
Seriously “developers” get an operating system that will allow you to actually have a key to the hood so you can fix your own itches.
(This kind of ended up as an opensource parade but it is still true; friends don’t let friends use Windows.)

Installing mod_wsgi on OpenSolaris.

*Not for the faint of heart. (See below)*

This is the process I followed to install mod_wsgi on OpenSolaris 2008.11.
First I would like to thank Graham Dumpleton and Thurner Rupert from the mod_wsgi mailing list and @yksingisyyteni from #opensolaris.
The way to do it:
When trying to install mod_wsgi with a fresh install of OpenSolaris and the amp-dev, gcc-dev, Sun Studio Express, and all other relevant packages; I kept ending up with an error saying, “/opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc not found”. WTF is SUNWspro? Let me tell you: SUNWspro is a piece of the Sun Studio 12 program used to compile C for the Solaris platform. It is the same thing that compiled the version of Apache you installed through PKG. Which means that that GNU cc program that you chose to download is not going to work to compile it. What you need to do is get Sun Studio 12. Once you have it you can follow the instructions on the Sun website for how to install it (which I could never get to work) or you could do this:
  • bunzip2 -vv SunStudio…tar.bz2 (this will take some time; let it run)
  • tar xvf SunStudio…tar (this will also take some time)
  • ./installer & (now wait)
  • Follow the GUI tools to finish the install.

Once you have Sun Studio installed you can compile like the Installation Instructions say. Just a quick make, make install, edit your apache conf file and you are done.

*Not the way to do it:
This is what I had to do to get to the final, finished product you see above.
  • Realize I don’t know what SUNWspro is.
  • Think, “Fuck, I will just reinstall.”
  • mailing list, irc
  • Reinstall, damn it still doesn’t work.
  • I know, I will try to install Sun Studio.
  • I am running bzcat SunStudio…tar.bz2 | tar xvf – and it is not working.
  • I waited…
  • and waited…
  • OK, scratch that. I will compile my own versions of Apache, MySQL, and any other thing that I would need to run a server.
  • That was fun. Apache is a blast to compile.
  • MySQL…pkg, WTF? I can’t just double click?
  • I will install the tar MySQL.
  • Fuck, this takes a long time and is kind of hard.
  • Pkgadd -d, wait that’s how I can add the MySQL.pkg file?
  • rm -rf mysql
  • pkgadd -d mysql.pkg
  • mysqld
  • ERRORS!!!1!111!!
  • Much “googling”
  • Damn. I got mod_wsgi to work I don’t want to reinstall again.
  • mysql ERRORS!!1!!1!!
  • Reinstall
  • Now I know the drill
  • Install amp-dev and all other relevant packages
  • Install SunStudio
  • Compile mod_wsgi
  • HOORAY!!!

The Road


It stretches,

miles into nothing

A single point,

of tar and gravel

pulled into one tiny point

in the future

Since the tires,

Pull, like a treadmill

I sometimes wonder

how the men working

stay in the same place…or if they do?

The sun is hot,

as it filters through

the closed windows

the sky fades,

to orange

The moon is cold,

as it chills the glass

the sky turns,


The future becomes

the present

Nothing constricts

The tar and gravel

are pushed into

the present

Aching muscles

call my bed

the things

can wait

I am home


I like to work. I have had a job continuously since I was 12. It started with the family and their farm and them moved on to the food service industry. I worked as a dishwasher at a Mexican Restaurant in Beaver for 4 years before moving on to work full time at a truck stop doing the graveyard “thing”.
Currently I work at Convergys as an Associate Trainer, I work upwards of 50 hours per week and I go to school full time. I have been in my position as a trainer since October of last year, making this coming month my 1 year anniversary.

Lizard Lunging, Venture #2

A lizard is lunging back and forward on a rock. It has been years since I have seen a lizard, what a subtle un-looked-for surprise. Just sitting here watching the jerky movements that he makes as he looks for the shadiest place under the sage brush to lay.
Ever warily, he scans, right to left and back. He quickly moves under a branch of the bush when I shift sitting positions. Seeing him there, hiding, in the bushes takes me back to long days in the summer when I was a child.
As child I loved the outdoors one of my favorite past times was spending long hours riding my bicycle with my friend to his farm. The heat swept over me then as it does now, sweating long hours up to the farm 3 miles away. Some days we would get lucky and get to take his Dad’s four wheeler.
Once we were at the farm there was always a contest to see who could catch the most lizards without losing any pieces. As any lizard expert knows, they throw their tails when they are frightened to trick their predators. We, being bright children, were only tricked a couple of times.
The lizard moves back to a hole in the brush allowing me a better visual, I snap back. Things have changed, I no longer enjoy being outside the heat irritates me and reminds me of things I could be doing back in civilization.
I am surprised that my eyes are still sharp enough to, without glasses, see a lizard in the brush.

My Window to the World

The dense undergrowth covers the bottom of the sign. The uneven ground is littered with boulder size rocks, that press the foliage higher and higher in its never ending climb towards the sky. The sign is on the side of a great brick fortress that seems to grow in straight orangish, red lines from the rocky, uneven ground. The tree branches hang past the top of my window obscuring the sign even further so that there is just enough visibility to read “General Classrooms”.